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Francy and David

Never stop being three

Every couple's story is unique, and Francy and David's is no exception. God+Francy+David are today proof to the great purpose he has with this relationship.

A couple I met in a gym trusted me from the start, because David consulted me when he began his search for ring and jewelry design, and we prepared everything in a very particular way to surprise Francy on a trip they already had planned.

They begin planning and decide on San Andres for their destination wedding. A particular location for them, with the sea as a witness and as part of the adornment of their ceremony.

Two months before the wedding, they were robbed and shot with guns, Francy in the leg and David in the hip. Two months of sorrow, but also of faith and strength for their quick recovery and resumption of movement. Finally, they arrived at the glory of God, and the wedding took place on the date scheduled from the beginning.

As a result, the wedding was memorable not just for them, but also for those who attended. It was a joyful and appreciative attitude.

Today we honor your gradual love, your peaceful, unconditional affection for each other.

I swore myself not to give my heart unless I was certain of the nobility of that man's heart, and today I am eternally grateful to our heavenly father because that man is you.

- Francy

I know we prepared for this time, that everyone of us was working on our personal growth to get to this point and be ready to deliver the most beautiful love on the globe without even realizing it. I want you to know that today is without a doubt the happiest day of my life, and that feeling this sensation in my heart only confirms that you are the perfect lady for me, the person I prayed to God for.

- David


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